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Trailwatch: Trump, Clinton now major issues in statewide races

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on July 6, 2016, in Cincinnati.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on July 6, 2016, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a major story on Andy Blunt’s alleged lobbying role — he’s the campaign manager for Sen. Roy Blunt. Look for allegations of conflict of interest to become a major theme of the fall Senate campaign.

That, and the GOP fistfight for the Missouri AG’s job. Oh, and Trump v. Clinton, too. To the trail!

Down-ballot brouhaha

Did we ever doubt that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would become the most important issue in down-ballot races this summer and fall?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is out with two new spots, airing soon on cable. One takes dead aim at Trump:

Republicans are just as busy tying candidates to Clinton, and Barack Obama. Here’s this week’s radio ad from Sen. Roy Blunt, attacking Democratic opponent Jason Kander in the Missouri Senate race:

“We will continue to take every opportunity to remind Missourians that Jason Kander stands with Hillary Clinton and the national Democrat elites,” said Blunt campaign spokesman Burson Snyder.

Kander’s campaign pushed back, hard. “It is telling that Senator Blunt’s first statewide ad campaign is a false and misleading negative attack meant to distort Jason’s record of fighting for Missouri's middle class families,” Kander spokewoman Anne Feldman said.

Feldman said Kander has taken several steps to demonstrate his independence from national Democrats, including his support for a balanced budget amendment.

We’ll repeat what we’ll now call the equality principle of 2016: If tying any Democrat to Clinton is fair game, then so is tying any Republican to Trump. And vice-versa.

Missouri GOP governor

Candidates Catherine Hanaway, Eric Greitens, Peter Kinder and John Brunner are sharpening their attack lines, a month from the primary. A good roundup of this week’s radio debate here.

The State Government Leadership Foundation out of Washington is pushing Kinder in Missouri.

Hanaway was in Kansas City Thursday to talk about jobs. She also criticized Clinton for the email scandal.

Greitens offered a Muhammad Ali imitation:

Missouri GOP attorney general primary

Again, the two candidates — Josh Hawley and Kurt Schaefer — spent the week pounding each other, over terror links that may or may not exist. Jason Hancock offers a good round-up here.

Hawley got $1 million from David Humphreys.

Hawley says five state attorneys general have endorsed his candidacy: from Oklahoma, Arizona, West Virginia, Nevada and Texas.

Missouri Democratic attorney general primary

Jake Zimmerman is out with a TV ad:

Missouri Secretary of State GOP primary

State Sen. Will Kraus unleashed a blistering attack on Jay Ashcroft, his primary opponent. So far, no response from Ashcroft:

Missouri Lt. Gov. Republican primary

Mike Parson announced endorsements from more than ninety county officials.