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Missouri GOP leaders forecast override of Nixon gun veto


Leaders of the Missouri General Assembly today predicted that they would override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of pemit-less concealed carry legislation.

“This issue was a priority with our caucus and passed the Senate by an overwhelming vote,” said Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, a Jefferson City Republican. “I fully expect that we will override the governor’s veto in September when we reconvene for our annual veto session.”

House Speaker Todd Richardson predicted that his chamber would pass an override if such a call made it out of the Senate.

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“This is why the people of Missouri elected a super-majority of conservative supporters of the 2nd amendment to the House and the Senate. Senate Bill 656 is the first meaningful step forward on gun rights in over a decade; it passed both chambers with more than enough votes to override the governor’s veto,” he said.

“We have to await action by the Senate on a Senate bill but if given the opportunity I anticipate the House having the votes to override.”

State Rep. Eric Burlison, a Springfield Republican who carried the bill, said states like Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming have seen drops in their murder rates since passing permit-less carry statutes. That, he said, caused states such as Kansas to pass the legislation.

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In addition, two leading Republican candidates for governor derided the veto as a move that undermined the constitutional rights of Missourians.

“The General Assembly should override his veto to ensure all law-abiding Missourians have the right to protect themselves. I plan to assist the veto override effort in all ways possible,” Catherine Hanaway said in a statement.

Said Peter Kinder:

“Rather than restricting Americans’ constitutional right to firearms, we should encourage more responsible citizens to receive firearms training and consider purchasing a gun for the safety of themselves, their families, and their neighbors.”

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Nixon vetoed the bill Monday morning.

“Here in Missouri, responsible gun ownership and support for the Second Amendment are strongly held values,” Nixon said in a statement. “These values are part of who we are, and a tradition we pass from generation to generation.”

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