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Four former Kansas governors release fundraising letter critical of Sam Brownback

The letter is sprinkled with pointed criticisms of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tenure.
The letter is sprinkled with pointed criticisms of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tenure.

Four former governors of Kansas — two Democrats, two Republicans — signed and released a fundraising letter that is unusually critical of Gov. Sam Brownback.

The letter, from the Save Kansas Coalition, asks for donations to “educate” voters before the August primary and November general election.

It’s signed by Democrats Kathleen Sebelius and John Carlin and Republicans Mike Hayden and Bill Graves.

The letter is sprinkled with pointed criticisms of Brownback’s tenure:

▪ “Our beloved state is in serious fiscal crisis as a result of Governor Sam Brownback and his supporters in the House and Senate.”

▪ “Kansans are waking up to acknowledge we’ve got many of the wrong people in state office.”

▪ “We have the ability … to educate voters on the issues and draw a contrast between deserving candidates and those who serve only to push forward the Governor’s dangerous agenda.”

Asked for a comment, Brownback spokeswoman Eileen Hawley said “the governor is focused on working with the Legislature to ensure our schools remain open.”

In a statement, the Kansas Republican Party said: “It is hardly surprising that four former governors who presided over massive and needless growth in the size of state government would engage in this kind of political stunt.”

Other former officeholders in both parties also signed the fundraising appeal.

Save Kansas Coalition is a 501(c)(4), a social welfare organization that need not disclose its contributions to the public. The letter explicitly promises secrecy to potential contributors.

Donations are not capped, and they are not tax deductible.

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