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‘Do as I say, not as I do’ gets Thursday workout in Kansas, Missouri

Gov. Sam Brownback, R-Ks.
Gov. Sam Brownback, R-Ks. Thad Allton

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback issued a statement Thursday calling for a restored balance between the federal government and the states.

“States should have the flexibility to manage their own affairs and serve their citizens more effectively,” he said in a statement.

Kansas lawmakers, of course, routinely intrude into local government affairs, from education and guns to election administration.

There was no mention in the statement of restoring any balance between state and local governments, or offering local governments “flexibility.”

From Washington, Sen. Roy Blunt issued a press release about a bill he’s proposed that would require federal agencies to post a “paid for by taxpayers” disclaimer on agency ads.

The disclaimer would be required on “printed advertising materials, including newspapers, billboards, and flyers, as well as radio, television, and internet communications.”

Blunt’s news release does not say it, too, was paid for by taxpayers.