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Mysterious PAC in Missouri governor’s race denies link with Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens
Eric Greitens

The mysterious Kansas-based political action committee buying ads in the Missouri governor’s race has issued a statement claiming independence from all the candidates in the campaign.

LG PAC said Monday it is not affiliated with Eric Greitens, one of four GOP hopefuls in the race. A story on KMBC-TV (watch it here) suggested a possible link between Greitens and LG PAC.

“I have spent most of my adult life involved in Missouri Republican politics and meeting various candidates at events,” said the statement from Hank Monsees, the treasurer of the group.

“LG PAC is not supporting any candidate for Governor,” the statement said. “As conservative Republicans, LG PAC’s singular focus is helping to ensure that we elect a conservative that can win in November.”

The statement then repeats its criticisms of candidate John Brunner contained in its TV spot: allegations that Brunner missed some tax payments, and established an off-shore account to hide income from taxes. Brunner’s campaign has called the ad “flat-out lies.”

The statement from LG PAC also complains that KMBC did not contact the treasurer before its story ran. But when the Buzz tried to contact Monsees two weeks ago, the person who answered the phone said we had the wrong number and hung up.

UPDATE: Our friend Micheal Mahoney says he called Monsees Friday and left a message, but never got a response.

The Brunner campaign has written television stations claiming the LG PAC ad is “false and defamatory.”