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TheChat: House Speaker John Diehl talks about country club hearings


Good morning.

▪ “Those are policies that we’re looking into.” — Missouri House Speaker John Diehl on rules that allow legislative committees to meet at the Jefferson City Country Club. (link via

Diehl noted that the House will be addressing the practice “over the next couple of months.” He declined to say whether the practice of holding country club meetings was right or wrong.

▪ “I could be called Adam.” — former President Bill Clinton joking about what he might be called if his wife wins the presidency in 2016.

Presumably this is a reference to Adam and Eve. Clinton called his wife “the ablest person I’ve ever worked with. If she decided not to do it, I’d give her a bucket list and we’d go check ‘em off.”

▪ “We have made every reasonable effort to encourage Representative English to return to the fold.” — Missouri House Minority Leader Jake Hummel on the departure of Rep. Keith English who announced Tuesday that he’s leaving the Democratic Party to become an independent.

Lots of finger-pointing here, but here’s the bottom line: House Democrats in Jeff City are now down to 44 members in a 163-member body. U-G-L-Y.

▪ “We cannot tolerate actions such as these from any member of the General Assembly. It is our hope that all members, regardless of party, will act with decorum and respect the office to which they have been elected.” — Missouri state Rep. Brandon Ellington, a Kansas City Democrat and chair of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus, on some of English’s recent comments that Ellington said were inappropriate.

One of those comments, Ellington said, was one of English’s Twitter posts that said Ferguson protesters need to follow a map to Mexico.