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Suddenly, David Humphreys is contributing to Democrats


J. Ranen Bechtold just picked up a $25,000 contribution for his state Senate race up in Clay County.

Why is that noteworthy?

Because the donor, David Humphreys, the president and CEO of the Joplin-based TAMKO, gives almost exclusively to Republicans. Bechtold, who is seeking the 17th District seat, is a Democrat.

So what’s Humphreys up to?

He wasn’t saying, but one theory flying around Missouri political circles this week was that Humphreys was miffed at Bechtold’s opponent — Ryan Silvey, a veteran lawmaker who served in the House and is seeking a second Senate term.

Silvey was one of two Republicans this month who sided with the Senate’s eight Democrats in opposition to an anti-union paycheck protection bill. The group opposed an override of Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of the bill.

On a 22-10 vote, the override attempt fell one vote short.

As a result, Republicans suffered a major defeat.

Humphreys may have been expressing his displeasure.

Silvey couldn’t be reached for comment. On Twitter, he made an apparent reference to Bechtold, saying, “If you advocate for campaign $$ limits to `end Corp influence in Jeff City,’ don’t take $25k from a millionaire w/ an agenda.”

Silvey of Kansas City remains in solid financial shape heading into election season. Last month, he reported more than $480,000 in his campaign account.