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Democratic chairwoman said to be on very thin ice


One impediment to Democrats rallying behind a presidential nominee these days appears to be the party’s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Top Democrats — including President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — are said to be increasingly unhappy with her performance.

One other leading Democrat who doesn’t appear thrilled with her is Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill.

McCaskill, a Hillary Clinton backer, told CNN Wednesday that Wasserman Schultz is seen by supporters of Bernie Sanders as “part of the problem.” She said the Florida congresswoman is playing an unusual “starring role” ahead of the Democratic National Convention in July.

“I think this will all get worked out over time,” the Missouri senator said. “The role of the DNC chair is always a supportive role, not a starring role, and I think that, because of what has occurred, it's hard for her to avoid a starring role.”

Wasserman Schultz criticized Sanders for his tepid response following the uproar at the Nevada State Democratic Convention.

One senior Democratic strategist told CNN:

“If this is the one thing that provides unity, they would take that trade. Nobody is rushing to keep her.”