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Group opposing KC streetcar passes $125,000 in fundraising, much of it secret

More secret cash is funneling into the campaign against the Kansas City streetcar district.

Missourians for Responsible Government, a 501c4 non-profit, gave another $37,000 yesterday to SmartKC, the anti-streetcar group.

So far MRG has given SmartKC $75,700. Jim Nutter has dropped in another $50,000.

MRG is run by Patrick Tuohey, who also does work for the Show-Me Institute, the Rex Sinquefield-funded think tank.

But we don’t know if MRG money comes from Sinquefield because donations are, you know, secret for 501c4s.

It’s possible the money doesn’t come from Sinquefield. Generally, the St. Louis rich guy puts his name on his donations and doesn’t try to hide them.