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TheChat: `Walmart moms’ describe Donald Trump as a very fast, very expensive sportscar


Good morning.

▪ “A Porsche.” — how some “Walmart moms” described Donald Trump in a Pittsburgh focus group.

They also described him as a Ferrari, a muscle car, a boxer who stands his ground, a bulldog, an Escalade, a lion (fierce and king of the jungle) and as an unpredictable cat, according to a memo from pollsters Neil Newhouse and Margie Omero. This could make it tougher for the “never Trump” movement to make inroads in the weeks ahead.

▪ “I actually find it really appropriate to see both of them on the same bill.” — NPR “Morning Edition” anchor Steve Inskeep during a stop in the Kansas City area last week describing his reaction to the news that black abolitionist leader Harriet Tubman will appear on the front of the $20 bill, relocating the slaveholding former president Andrew Jackson to its rear.

Inskeep, author of “Jacksonland,” said the decision spotlights the dichotomy of American history.

▪ “That’s a terrible idea.” — Kansas state Sen. Dan Kerschen, a conservative Garden Plain Republican, on Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposal to use bonds backed by tobacco settlement funds to help plug short-term budget gaps.

Brownback is facing critics from both parties on this idea. The move would generate a one-time cash payment to the state of $158 million.

▪ “Mr. Greitens is a conundrum. I think he truly is trying to struggle to understand what he believes.” — John Brunner, a Republican candidate for governor, speaking about rival Eric Greitens following a candidate forum in the St. Louis area.

Brunner was addressing Greitens’ decision last week to come out against the controversial SJR 39, which is viewed by critics as an anti-gay-marriage proposal. The other three GOP candidates for governor all back the measure.