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KC’s Heavy Constructors will back streetcar district

Artist’s conception
Artist’s conception

The Heavy Constructors political committee is expected to donate $25,000 to the campaign for the Kansas City streetcar TDD this week.

Typically, the Heavies oppose fixed-rail mass transit. The group has sharply opposed previous light rail proposals, for example.

But Ed DeSoignie confirms the coming contribution for the streetcar campaign.

“Street cars are one of a number of transportation services that if planned out thoughtfully, can benefit the traveling public,” he said in an email.

The Heavies’ opposition to the downtown streetcar was based on the bidding process, he said, not on opposition to the streetcar itself.

“There has been misunderstanding of this,” DeSoignie wrote.

The contribution will put the Heavies at odds with two longtime allies: Jim Nutter, and Freedom Inc. Both oppose the streetcar.

At the same time, the Heavies have given more than $500,000 to the campaign for the statewide sales tax for transportation. Freedom supports that sales tax hike.