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TheChat: Mayor Francis Slay looking to run statewide?


Good morning.

▪ “The Slay Committee.” — the new name of outgoing St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay’s campaign committee, which suggests a possible statewide run in the years ahead.

Slay, who remains popular in St. Louis, has never lost a campaign in his three decades in politics. Said Richard Callow, Slay’s long-time campaign spokesman: “Politics rewards planning. Francis Slay is a great planner.” Still, the reality is St. Louis mayors have struggled in bids for statewide office in Missouri.

▪ “Those things don’t pass the smell test.” — Ellisville, Missouri, Mayor Adam Paul on the GOP’s delegation-selection process that he said tilts in favor of Ted Cruz over Donald Trump.

Paul said even though the Cruz people followed the rules at recent county caucuses, he’s troubled by the results. Those results don’t follow the will of the people, he said. (link via

▪ “The bottom line is that our attorney general has failed to perform his duty to defend the Missouri Constitution.” — Missouri state Rep. Mike Moon, an Ash Grove Republican, on starting impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Chris Koster, the likely Democratic candidate for governor.

Moon tried to impeach Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon last year. Moon’s beefs with Koster include his unwillingness to not appeal a decision by Jackson County Judge Dale Youngs that held that Missouri must recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

▪ “Pompeo would have to rewrite the state’s history books to knock Moran out of office.” — University of Minnesota professor Eric Ostermeier speaking about Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo, who is considering a run for the U.S. Senate against fellow Republican Jerry Moran, the incumbent.

Ostermeier has determined that no senator from Kansas who was popularly elected has ever lost a bid for the nomination of his party. That historical barrier is something Pompeo should consider, Ostermeier said.