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TheChat: Jason Holsman says Jeff City Republicans are doing the pander-dance


Good morning.

▪ “God, gays and guns. That’s the agenda. It must be an election year.” — Missouri state Sen. Jason Holsman, a Kansas City Democrat, about the GOP agenda for the final four weeks of the 2016 session.

Democrats are complaining that Republicans are pandering to voters by focusing on social issues in the final weeks. But Republicans say it’s all about convictions.

▪ “Did not send a response.” — St. Louis Public Radio reporter Jason Rosenbaum describing the no-answer he received from GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens on the question of whether Greitens supports SJR 39, the controversial constitutional amendment that would legally shield people from participating in or selling services to a same-sex wedding.

The four other candidates responded to Rosenbaum’s inquiries. (link via

▪ “We’re going to put substantive, meaningful ethics reform on his desk and if we’re able to do that, I’ll consider that a win.” — Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson predicting that more ethics bills will pass the General Assembly this session and be sent to Gov. Jay Nixon.

Republicans and Nixon continue to disagree over the need for a cap on donation limits. Missouri now is one of few states that lacks them. But Nixon said that disagreement shouldn’t stop other bills from passing as it has in recent years.

▪ “I mean, that's a pretty tough attack, you know, to level against Bernie Sanders.” — Tad Devine, a senior adviser for Bernie Sanders, responding to a tearful plea from New York Sen. Kristen Gillibrand that Sanders lacks sensitivity when it comes to the impact that gun violence has had on families.

Devine went on to say that Sanders “understands that gun violence is a terrible problem in this society.”