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TheChat: Josh Hawley pledges focus on public corruption


Here we go.

▪ “People have completely lost confidence in our public officials in Jefferson City.” — Republican Josh Hawley, a candidate for attorney general, on a corruption unit he’s proposing to tackle misuse of public office.

Hawley’s aim: to make public corruption a leading priority. If he wins the office, Hawley said he won't accept lobbyist gifts or campaign contributions from companies or others under investigation by his office. (link via

▪ “I’m here because black lives matter.” — Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, a candidate for the U.S Senate, speaking to an NAACP group in the Capitol Rotunda about voter ID legislation.

Kander, a Democrat, told the crowd that he will not stand for legislation “that would disenfranchise a single Missouri voter. It’s not right and we have to try to stop it.”

▪  “The way we budget is based on estimates. I think we ought to be in the real world.” — Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick, a Stilwell Republican, on his frustrations with Kansas’ use of estimate-based budgeting.

Merrick didn’t seem to have an answer on how he would change things. The current system allows lawmakers to build a budget based on solid estimates on anticipated revenues.

▪ “If Trump can’t win something, he’ll always say it’s someone else’s fault.” — Stuart Stevens, a Republican strategist who has advised several presidential candidates, most recently Mitt Romney in 2012.

Trump is feeling the hot breath of Ted Cruz who’s on his heels and scooping up delegates that Trump believes should be his. The real estate is mogul is responding by saying the system is rigged.