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TheChat: Kathleen Sebelius rips Legislature for not expanding Medicaid


Another week in the record book.

▪ “It is, I think, immoral and ridiculously and economically stupid that Kansas hasn’t expanded Medicaid.” — former Kansas Gov. and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius who spoke in the state this week.

Sebelius said playing politics with people’s lives is not a noble calling.

▪ “Nothing is black and white.” — Missouri state Rep. Anne Zerr, a St. Charles Republican, reflecting on what she learned during her career as a lawmaker.

Zerr is not seeking re-election. She said every issue comes with multiple facets that need consideration. This is a wise observation, often lost on the public. (link via

▪ “That board really needs to get its act together.” — St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger speaking about the St. Louis County Board of Elections and voting problems Tuesday night.

The agency delivered incorrect ballots or no ballots at all to more than 60 precincts spread across the county. Gov. Jay Nixon also weighed in with criticism.

▪ “Gross incompetence by Secretary of State Jason Kander, our state’s chief elections official.” — Republican Jay Ashcroft, a candidate for secretary of state, blaming the St. Louis County voting problems on Kander.

But Kander, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, does not oversee local elections. Kander labeled Ashcroft’s comments as “clearly clueless.”