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TheChat: Gov. Sam Brownback wants a new revenue forecasting system

Good morning.

▪ “All of the things that were promised with the revision of the taxation system have failed to materialize as predicted.” — Mark Peterson, a Washburn University political scientist reacting to the news that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is seeking to revise the revenue forecasting system after state revenues repeatedly have fallen short of estimates.

Falling short of estimates has become a recurring, and highly damaging, story for the Brownback administration. The governor is seeking what he calls more reliable estimates. Critics say it’s his failed tax policy that’s causing the problem.

▪ “We see the unions as one of the prime obstacles to the right-wing agenda against working families, not only here but around the country.” — Lew Moye, retired president of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, asserting that Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of an anti-union “paycheck protection” bill should stand.

Moye and other labor leaders insist that the bill is mainly an attack on organized labor. Republican lawmakers would surely seek to override a Nixon veto — and they might succeed. (link via

▪ “Is this harassment?” — David Poger's question of an intern after the political operative reportedly pushed on her intern’s lapel pin in the Missouri Statehouse.

The intern reportedly replied, “Yes, kind of.” The Legislature has imposed strict rules on any future Poger visits to the Capitol. He’ll have to notify police at least 24 hours before any visit. Interns had complained of unwelcome advances from Poger.

▪ “That may help remedy some of our problems.” — GOP pollster Neil Newhouse saying that Republicans who now think they could never vote for Donald Trump may change their minds once he lines up against Hillary Clinton.

Still, Trump’s poll numbers are falling as Americans get to know him better, and that is darkening his prospects as he seeks to wrap up the Republican nomination.