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McCaskill: Donald Trump ignorant for suggesting pullback from NATO

Sen. Claire McCaskill said Tuesday that European nations must do more to co-ordinate their responses to terror in wake of the ISIS attack in Brussels, Belgium.

“The intelligence gathering and sharing is incredibly important,” she told reporters in Kansas City.

She also said countries must address anger among young Muslims. “Making sure Muslims are integrated into society so they are not radicalized is a really important piece of this,” she said. “We shouldn’t isolate Muslims in the community.”

And she hammered Republican front-runner Donald Trump for his recent suggestion that the U.S. should pull back from its spending and other obligations to NATO.

“The notion we should be moving away from alliances in Europe — the notion that somehow NATO is not an important part of our national security, shows an incredible amount of ignorance,” she said.

Asked if she had someone in mind, the Missouri Democrat said Trump.

“I don’t know of anyone who has advocated for withdrawing from NATO except for Donald Trump,” she said. “I don’t know what he could be thinking.”

McCaskill made the comments in a news conference before a meeting on college affordability.