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TheChat: Kansas lawmakers weigh into transgender bathroom usage

Happy Friday.

▪ “Most (students) wish not to be around members of the opponent sex in those circumstances and I think parents should have a reasonable expectation that children have that privacy.” — Kansas state Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook on a bill that would require transgender students at public schools and universities to use restrooms that correspond with their gender at birth.

The head of Equality Kansas said placing this proposal into law would lead to injuries for transgender kids. And the Kansas chapter of the National Education Association said lawmakers have no business micromanaging restroom usage.

▪ “As it reflects the deep divisions that exist in the country, you saw that in Missouri perhaps more starkly than any place else thus far in the nominating process.” — Missouri Republican Party Chairman John Hancock speaking about Tuesday’s presidential primary and all the splits in the state.

Voters divided between establishment and outsider candidates, between liberal and conservative candidates and by age, race, gender and education. (link courtesy of

▪ “Surprised and disappointed.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon reacting to House Republicans who voted to release about $1 million for education and health care programs that Nixon had restricted.

Lawmakers for the first time exercised new power stemming from a 2014 constitutional amendment that allows them, with a two-thirds vote in each chamber, to override a governor’s budget restrictions. Nixon said lawmakers should make sure that the state can pay tax refunds that are owed rather than increase spending.

▪ “The $56 million would specifically guarantee a tuition freeze.” — Nixon pushing for a higher education funding increase of that size to ensure that tuition remains flat for another year.

But the House slashed that request partly because it is using a less optimistic revenue projection than the governor is using.