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TheChat: Donald Trump is bowled over by all the protesters at his Midland Theater address

It’s two days after The Donald visited Kansas City...and one day before Missouri’s presidential primary. Things are hopping.

▪ “Where are these people coming from? Unbelievable.” — Donald Trump marveling at all the protesters who had infiltrated his event at the Midland Theater Saturday night.

At least two dozen protesters were kicked out after interrupting his speech. He told one to go home to Mamma.

▪ “Our president is incompetent. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.” — Trump on President Barack Obama in Kansas City.

Typical blunt talk from the Republican frontrunner.

▪ “The ugly, divisive rhetoric that we are hearing from Donald Trump and the encouragement that he has given to violence and aggressiveness is not only wrong, it’s dangerous, my friends.” — Hillary Clinton during a weekend stop near St. Louis.

Trump is topic one for members of both parties. (link via

▪ “It was along the lines of, ‘Here are different options.’" — House Budget chairman Ron Ryckman Jr., an Olathe Republican, on conversations with Gov. Sam Brownback on the idea of leveraging state tobacco litigation settlement funds to help the beleaguered state treasury.

Tim Carpenter of the Topeka Capital-Journal reported that discussions with the governor came in early March after the state learned that February tax revenues fell $53 million below expectations. Turns out that 20 other states already have sold tobacco bonds to come up with revenue in tough financial times. Officials have not consummated a deal.