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KC tensions rising in advance of Donald Trump visit

Tensions in Kansas City already were on the rise Friday night in advance of Donald Trump’s scheduled Saturday evening stop here.

Just hours after Trump canceled his Friday rally in Chicago over security concerns, anti-Trump forces were organizing on social media and planning to stage what they hope is a massive protest inside and outside the downtown Midland Theater where the GOP presidential candidate is to speak.

A Facebook page labeled “Trump Out of KC!” sprang up to organize protestors. Others on Twitter using #ShutItDown indicated they were emboldened by their success in contributing to the cancellation of the Chicago event.

“The fascist clown Donald Trump is coming to our city this Saturday,” someone wrote on the “Trump Out of KC!” Facebook page.

“It is our job and our duty to unite to #ShutItDown. If you think this clown should not be President. If you think this clown's positions on Muslims, Mexicans, women, workers and others is deplorable, then make it known and join us this Saturday!”

Protestors were asked to show up at the Midland at 3 p.m. and stay for 90 minutes or so.

“Everyone's seen the videos. There is a threat risk here so please be aware and take the necessary precautions,” the Facebook writer said. “We plan for a counter-demonstration outside the venue, as well as doing what we can to crash the fascist-fest on the inside.”

The page directed visitors to go to Trump’s website to secure tickets for the 6 p.m. rally.