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TheChat: Donald Trump waxes philosophical on hostility

Here we go.

▪ “Hostility works for some people. It doesn't work for everybody.” — Donald Trump speaking of Marco Rubio’s attempts to go negative on the frontrunner.

Trump was saying that Rubio can’t pull off the tough-guy act, though it works for Trump.

▪ “Our campaign has always said that as the race goes deeper into the calendar and the field narrows, Governor Kasich’s positive message and proven record will begin to break through.” — John Weaver, chief strategist for John Kasich, in a memo to supporters this week making the case that Kasich is progressing.

The two-term Ohio Governor is barely hanging on, though he had a strong showing in Michigan this week. His goal is to win his home state Tuesday, then see where things stand. He worked Michigan hard, and shot up in the polls in impressive fashion.

▪ “I believe that Senator Rubio is head and shoulders the strongest of the Republicans on national security issues.” — former Missouri Sen. Jim Talent on who he’s backing for president.

Talent, an expert on military issues, said he most appreciates Rubio’s focus on the country’s armed forces. (link via

▪ “It’s really hard to throw babies and toddlers under the bus.” — Shannon Cotsoradis, president and chief executive officer of Kansas Action for Children on the possibility that the state would sell future state tobacco settlement receipts for a one-time payment of $400 million to help address state government budget problems.

State budget officials acknowledge that they attended presentations on the idea. It’s unclear whether Gov. Sam Brownback could unilaterally sign off on such a deal without legislative approval. “I can’t imagine anything less transparent,” Cotsoradis said.