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TheChat: Will Kraus goes to bat for voter ID

Good morning.

▪ “We want to makes sure we protect the election process, and photo ID is one way to verify who a voter is.” — Missouri state Sen. Will Kraus, a Lee’s Summit Republican, on the need for a voter ID law in the state.

Kraus, who’s running for secretary of state, said the bill is needed to maintain the integrity of state elections. Democrats continue to say all the bill does is disenfranchise voters. The bill would require residents to show a photo ID before casting a ballot.

▪ “Missouri does have a role now.” — Republican consultant James Harris on the surprisingly important role Missouri will now play in the presidential nominating process.

The Missouri contest on March 15, and those in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina the same day, could determine if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump put their nominating contests out of reach or become more vulnerable again. (link via

▪ “The idea was to get the attention of [Chancellor Hank] Foley and the guys running the show there.” — Missouri state Rep. Tom Flanigan, the House Budget Committee chairman, on why his committee cut $7.6 million out of the University of Missouri’s administration budget.

Flanigan insisted he wasn’t trying to micromanage the university. The idea was to send a message to MU leaders while holding students harmless.

▪ “It’s so much uphill.” — Terry Deschaine, a trustee at Sumner Regional Medical Center in Wellington and a retired hospital administrator, speaking about his frustration with the legislative process when it comes to expanding Medicaid in Kansas.

Attendees at an Expanding KanCare Forum said they can’t get lawmakers to take up a budget-neutral expansion plan. Deschaine said he doesn’t know how to get the attention of lawmakers.