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TheChat: Rex Sinquefield says Kansas tax cuts didn’t trigger budget deficit


Good morning.

▪ “That has very little to do with taxes per se and has a lot to do with the misestimation of revenues.” — Missouri GOP mega donor Rex Sinquefield explaining why Kansas is facing a significant budget gap following its major tax cuts.

Speaking on St. Louis Public Radio Tuesday afternoon, Sinquefield called the Kansas cuts “an amazing thing” and a “stroke of genius.” Critics will suggest that Sinquefield’s logic is faulty. He also said any job creation resulting from the cuts will take time to realize. Sinquefield’s comments appeared on the Democratic website Progress Missouri.

▪ “I believe there was a consensus today to find solutions to stop the ever-emerging cyber-attacks, while still protecting American’s privacy.” — Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins following a White House meeting between GOP congressional leaders, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Jenkins, a Republican, had the same reaction as Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, who also was at the meeting. And that is, there appears to be a range of issues including cybersecurity where bipartisan agreement is possible. Other issues: trade and taxes.

▪ “You’ll probably know something by Valentine’s Day.” — Missouri state Auditor Tom Schweich when asked if he’s running for governor in 2016.

Schweich, a Republican, said he hadn’t made up his mind. But insiders say he’s in and will challenge former House Speaker Catherine Hanaway in the 2016 primary.

▪ “You have to be personally responsible for some of the things you do, and I should have done a better job keeping my books straight and filing my reports on time.” — former Missouri state Rep. Steve Webb, a Florissant Democrat, on his $100,000 fine from the state Ethics Commission for campaign finance violations.

In March, Webb pleaded guilty to seven misdemeanors and one felony charge in connection with his handling of campaign funds. The commission typically accepts a payment of 10 percent of the total fine.