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TheChat: Texas Sen. John Cornyn doubts Donald Trump

Good morning.

▪ “It’s just implausible to me that he doesn’t know who David Duke is or what his history is. So that’s deeply troubling.” — Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican, on the Donald Trump controversy involving the former KKK leader.

Cornyn remains unaligned with any GOP presidential candidate. As troubled as he is by Trump, Cornyn said any attempt to derail his frontrunner status would probably fail.

▪ “He is only the sixth political endorsement made by the Troopers Association in our 35-year history.” — President Cody Fulkerson of the Missouri State Troopers Association announcing the group’s support for Republican Kurt Schaefer for attorney general.

The group said it was impressed by Schaefer’s long legal career. Schaefer is a Republican state senator from Columbia.

▪ “One is to say it’s not the court’s role to tell the appropriators how to appropriate money to schools. And that creates a very severe tension as to what happens between now and the next school year.” — Kansas budget director Shawn Sullivan on one way lawmakers could respond to the recent state Supreme Court ruling on school funding.

The court ordered lawmakers to spend more money and drop its block-grant funding plan, and lawmakers are now weighing their options. Sullivan did not recommend one option over another. Defying the court would set up a potential constitutional showdown.

▪ “It’s very nasty, but I have a thick skin. I can handle it.” — Melania Trump, wife of the candidate, on the recent attacks against her husband.

That’s probably good because Marco Rubio has been tearing into Donald Trump’s small hands and spray tan. OMG it’s ugly.