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TheChat: Gov. Jay Nixon goes to bat for home care attendants

Hey! Let’s all take a leap!

▪ “These Missourians work day and night to care for our most vulnerable citizens, and the people of Missouri voted overwhelmingly to give them the right to bargain for higher wages.” — Gov. Jay Nixon speaking about his veto of a proposal that would prevent a pay raise for home care attendants from the $7.65 an hour to a range between $8.50 and $10.15.

Whether Nixon’s veto will stand is questionable. The measure passed the House and Senate with veto-proof majorities.

▪ “Political Consultants Who Act More Like Mobsters Than Advisors Are Destroying the Republican Party.” — the title of an unpublished op-ed that former Missouri state Auditor Tom Schweich wrote in 2014, but was never published.

Schweich was writing, at least in part, about Jeff Roe, the one-time Kansas City-based political consultant who often feuded with Schweich. Rolling Stone magazine reported the existence of the piece in a long story out last week. The op-ed, and a companion piece, amount to an indignant condemnation of Roe and the consultant class in Jefferson City, the magazine reported.

▪ “Folks are now going through the stages of grief. Some are already at acceptance.” — one high-ranking Republican operative on how the Republican Party is slowly coming to grips with the idea that Donald Trump will be its presidential nominee.

Some top GOP members of Congress have signaled a willingness to work with Trump, and the Republican wall of resistance to the real estate tycoon is beginning to crack. Last week’s endorsement from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was only the latest sign.