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TheChat: Mayor Sly James says KC is behind its east side

Good morning.

▪ ▪ “The fact is, I have always been, and remain to this day, firmly committed to helping underdeveloped neighborhoods flourish.” — Kansas City Mayor Sly James reacting to the notion that Kansas City isn’t doing anything to help neighborhoods east of Troost.

In the last five years, more than $2.5 billion in developments, ranging from housing and commercial real estate to infrastructure and capital improvements, have been approved, broken ground or been completed just in the area east of Troost, south of the river, and north of 63rd Street, James wrote.

▪ “It would have been far better to call the players’ bluff and forfeit the BYU game and pay the $1 million penalty than to incur the loss that has since occurred to the reputation of the university and the state that is ongoing.” — Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a candidate for governor, explaining why he thinks former MU System President Tim Wolfe made a mistake by resigning.

MU is facing multi-million-dollar drops in revenue through donations and an expected dip in enrollment. Kinder, a Republican, is suggesting that much of that could’ve been avoided if Wolfe had stood his ground when it came to the protest from the Tiger football team. (link via

▪ “All three of those bills attempt to unravel what was done two years ago. We don’t have any experience with those changes to know whether they are good or bad.” — Kansas state Rep. Mark Hutton, a Wichita Republican and chairman of the House Commerce, Labor and Economic Development Committee, explaining why Republicans have decided not to consider three workers’ compensation bills this year.

Democrats are pressing for reforms to help those injured on the job, but Republicans aren’t going there this session.

▪ “There is still time for the non-Trump GOP majority to coalesce around a single candidate, but not much.” — former White House adviser Karl Rove writing about chances for another Republican to win the nomination.

Rove and Trump are hardly buddies. Rove said the GOP has until mid-March to gather behind an alternative. After that, “The party’s non-Trump majority will suffer the same fate as Caesar.”