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TheChat: School shutdown threat is merely that — a threat

Here we go.

▪ “I don't think the Kansas Supreme Court will shut down the schools.” — Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley on what happens if the Legislature doesn’t rewrite the school finance formula as the court ordered.

Hensley did say he was surprised that lawmakers were taking a five-day unpaid leave instead of dealing with the complicated school-funding issue.

▪ “Our focus right now needs to be defeating ISIS, and we can’t risk the possibility that the terrorists housed at Guantanamo could rejoin the battlefield.” —Jason Kander, the likely Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, announcing that he opposes President Obama’s plan to close Gitmo.

Republicans quickly charged that Kander had flip-flopped on the issue, pointing out that in 2009, he was one of 36 state House members who opposed a resolution urging Congress to keep prisoners from Guantanamo out of Missouri.

▪ “A trusted conservative who has actually delivered wins for our team.” — Republican Peter Kinder describing himself at a GOP debate this week.

The event, billed as the first “real” debate of the 2016 cycle among the four leading candidates for governor, turned out to be something of a snoozer.

▪ “Getting out as quick as we did.” — Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick citing the biggest accomplishment so far of the 2016 session.

In the wake of last year’s never-ending record-long session, legislators have stepped on the gas this year and are working at a furious pace. Democrats, though, remain critical of the lack of progress on a new school finance bill.