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TheChat: Top MU administrator angry at Melissa Click

Good morning.

▪ “Appalling.” — interim MU Chancellor Hank Foley on Professor Melissa Click’s behavior as she confronted Columbia Police in an October protest last fall.

Foley called Click’s actions during the homecoming parade in October part of a “pattern of misconduct” that included the more widely viewed confrontation on campus in November where Click called for some “muscle” to remove journalists. Foley, who said he was angered by the footage, may be setting the stage for formal ouster proceedings of the controversial professor, who has indicated she’d like to continue teaching in Columbia. (link via

▪ “We would find efficiencies.” — Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate John Brunner speaking about the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Brunner vowed to conduct an audit of the department even though MoDOT in recent years has cut expenses dramatically. He also said state transportation dollars should go first to roads and bridges rather than on recreational trails and bike paths. That’s counter to recent trends that has MoDOT spending on a wider array of transportation needs.

▪ “I feel it’s unfair to raise campaign contributions for an office you can’t run for again.” — Kansas state Rep. John Alcala, a Topeka Democrat, on his bill that would bar governors from seeking campaign contributions after they’ve won a second term.

Governors can’t run for a third term, so Alcala questions why any chief executive would have to raise more campaign funds at that point. Alcala said his bill wasn’t aimed at Gov. Sam Brownback.

▪ “It sounds like the Clinton team is worried about another embarrassing result.” — a Democratic source who was incensed that Hillary Clinton is painting Nevada as far more white than it really is in an apparent attempt to downplay expectations prior to Saturday’s Democratic caucuses.

The Clinton team pushed the narrative of a “white Nevada” in conferences calls to donors and lawmakers on the Hill, as well as in television interviews. The Clinton campaign has since backed off the argument.