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Teresa Hensley: WHOOPS! Never mind

Maybe the best thing you can say is that she apologized.

Teresa Hensley, a candidate for Missouri attorney general, on Friday issued an apology to Republican AG contender Kurt Schaefer, who’s also a state senator from Columbia.

The slipup: Hensley had wrongly accused Schaefer of accepting campaign donations from payday loan magnate Scott Tucker, who last week was charged with misleading his payday loan customers about their repayments.

In an email blast to reporters, Hensley had accused Schaefer of taking the donations, then opposing proposed regulations on payday interest rates.

That turned out to not be the case. Hensley and her campaign were looking at the wrong companies. She issued an apology to Schaefer, also by email:

“Today my campaign sent an email accusing Senator Kurt Schaefer of accepting contributions from Scott Tucker, a convicted felon and payday loan businessman.

“That email was incorrect. Senator Schaefer has not accepted contributions from Mr. Tucker....I apologize to Senator Kurt Schaefer for the error and to anyone adversely affected by it.”

Hensley, a former Cass County prosecutor, faces Jake Zimmerman of St. Louis in the Democratic primary in August.