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Eric Greitens fights back against anonymous hit video

UPDATED: (7:55 p.m. Sunday)

Anonymous attacks once again are playing a role in the GOP race for Missouri governor — and this time Eric Greitens is the target.

Greitens is pushing back hard against an anonymous hit video posted on youtube. The video’s title is “Eric Greitens: The Heart and the Myth.” It accuses him of jacking up his military record.

Greitens, a one-time Navy SEAL and a first-time candidate for public office, was concerned enough that he countered with his own video here that defends his service.

In the video, he displays these words:

“Cowardly anonymous attacks against the proud military service of an American patriot are unacceptable and un-American.”

Greitens is having a news conference Monday in St. Louis to address this, and he’ll be in KC on Tuesday.

Asked why the campaign even bothered to respond, Greitens spokesman Austin Chambers pointed out that the hit piece is “being emailed around to activists in Missouri.” He said the piece had more than 12,000 views online.

“We were getting a lot of questions about it, which is why we sent out the push back,” Chambers said.

Greitens camp isn’t pointing fingers, yet, anyway, at who might be the responsible party. Greitens has three primary opponents. But Chambers said it “seems like it's clearly from our opponents.”

All three of Greitens’ rivals, Peter Kinder, John Brunner and Catherine Hanaway, have denounced the attack.

“This particular attack on my opponent and all attacks from outside groups have no business in Missouri politics,” Brunner said on his Facebook page.

Jo Mannies at St. Louis Public Radio astutely points out that the Missouri GOP has been roiled in the last year by anonymous attacks that only began with the “whispering campaign” about Tom Schweich that upset him shortly before he committed suicide.