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ThChat: Hillary Clinton recalls The Donald once upon a time

No Super Bowl hangover this week. You’ve got no excuses.

▪ "I never heard the really insulting language about so many different kinds of people. I never heard the kind of demagoguery and derogatory comments.” — Hillary Clinton referring to the Donald Trump she knew when she served as a senator from New York.

Clinton was responding to a question from a boy at a South Carolina town hall. “I wasn’t around him that much, but I never heard that,” she said. “And so I can only conclude that, you know, he thinks this is what gets him the votes.”

▪ “A stunning display of willful memory loss.” — Kansas House Republicans chastising the state Supreme Court for forgetting about the concept of the separation of powers.

Republicans were upset over the court’s ruling last week that demanded that lawmakers spend more on public schools to rectify funding inequities. In an email blast, House Republicans pointed out that the court ruled on the same day as the Legislature was wrestling with the state budget. “The court declared that it would take students and taxpayers hostage over supposed inequities in school funding,” the statement said.

▪ “It's a character issue for me. Why did he feel like he needed to conceal that for all these years?” — Jack Hembree, a Springfield man who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars, speaking about Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt and the recent news of the senator's undisclosed draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

Hembree dropped off a letter at Blunt’s office in Springfield last week seeking an apology from the senator. Blunt’s office pointed out that Hembree is a member of the Greene County Democratic Party.

▪ “They are using my video as an excuse for the budget cuts they already wanted to make.” — Mark Schierbecker, the MU student videographer who captured footage of Professor Melissa Click demanding that he leave a campus protest site last November. He was referring to Missouri lawmakers.

Schierbecker’s video has been seen millions of times on youtube. He was the victim of Click’s municipal assault charge. He’s now saying he plans to speak out more often about the incident, which he says is being wrongly used as justification to cut campus funding.