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TheChat: Melissa Click says she was `flustered’

Good morning.

▪ “When I watch the video, I feel sorry. I feel embarrassed by my actions. I was never calling for violence. It was just something that came out in a flustered moment.” — University of Missouri communications professor Melissa Click in an interview explaining her actions during a campus protest last fall.

Click apologized again, said she has no plans to resign and asserted that if campus police had been on the scene that day, faculty and staff would not have had to protect students.

▪ “She is still likely to be the Democratic nominee.” — the respected University of Virginia Center for Politics analyzing Hillary Clinton’s prospects.

The center, headed by Larry Sabato, acknowledges that “these are perilous times for Clinton.” It also concludes that the biggest threat to Clinton isn’t Bernie Sanders, but the new FBI investigation into her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state.

▪ “Very wrong.” — Gov. Jay Nixon on threats from lawmakers to cut funding for the University of Missouri in the wake of recent unrest and controversy on the Columbia campus.

He said lawmakers who are threatening to cut funding are just grandstanding, and it’ll have little ultimate impact. The university is too important a state asset to undermine with substantial budget cuts, Nixon said. (link via

▪ “When will we stop and really address the true issue? We put ourselves on a glide path to zero. Zero growth. Zero faith in government.” — Kansas House Minority Leader Tom Burroughs, a Kansas City, Kan., Democrat, addressing the 2012 budget cuts that he says have caused so much economic chaos in the state.

In a blistering floor speech, Burroughs accused Republicans have stealing from the state retirement fund to balance the budget.