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TheChat: Vicky Hartzler remains thumbs down on Obamacare

Good morning.

▪ “The president is not listening to these hurting families, and, sadly, he has again blocked our efforts to bring them relief. We can do better.” — Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, a Harrisonville Republican, on backing an attempt to kill Obamacare.

President Obama might argue that he’s helping those hurting families through his health care law. Hartzler said she hopes Republicans are more successful next year in killing the Affordable Care Act if a Republican president is in office.

▪ “For too long, the American people have been caught under the shadow of this radical agenda.” — Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, a Democrat from Kansas City, on why he opposed the attempt to halt the Affordable Care Act.

Cleaver noted that this was the 63rd attempt by Republicans to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act.

▪ “This simply cannot continue.” — Missouri state Rep. Randy Dunn, a Kansas City Democrat, on the state leaving billions on the table because it refuses to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Dunn introduced a bill Tuesday to expand Medicaid. He pointed out that expansion would give a jolt to the state economy. Prospects for Dunn’s bill this year: not good.

▪ “We do need post-election audits. Without them we don't have transparency in our voting system.” — Elizabeth Clarkson, chief statistician at the National Institute for Aviation Research affiliated with Wichita State University, endorsing a proposal to audit election results to make sure fraud didn’t occur.

Clarkson has been concerned about fraud for awhile, particularly because voting machines can be so easily manipulated. She’s sought hard copies of voting records to check the error rate by voting machines.