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Jeff Roe a potential ‘rock star,’ veteran reporter says

Jeff Roe
Jeff Roe Bloomberg

Veteran political reporter Al Hunt said Friday that one-time Missouri-based campaign consultant Jeff Roe may become a “rock star” in politics, on a par with Lee Atwater, James Carville, and David Plouffe.

Hunt made the statement on a TV show, With All Due Respect, that airs on MSNBC.

Hunt and host Mark Halperin were part of a breakfast with Roe.

“Campaigns often produce new rock stars,” Hunt said on the show. “If Cruz either wins this thing or goes to the finals, I think Jeff Roe may be the rock star as far as a campaign strategist is concerned.”

Hunt and Halperin discussed Roe’s well-known use of polling and campaign data for making strategic decisions. The program used excerpts of Roe’s discussion about the Cruz strategy.

“They probably invest more in data than any other campaign,” Hunt said. “They really fine tune it. …I don’t think Jeff Roe is a BS-er.”

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