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TheChat: Gov. Jay Nixon defends KC earnings tax

Welcome to the weekend.

▪ “It is the wrong policy for the state for these guys to be messing in this area, and they need to quit doing it.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on GOP efforts in the General Assembly to do away with Kansas City’s 1 percent earnings tax.

Nixon, a Democrat, pointed out that communities like Kansas City have voted for the earnings tax as a way to support services. Lawmakers from other parts of the state have no business weighing in on a local matter, he said. On Thursday, a Senate bill was amended to exclude Kansas City.

▪ “Jurors in deliberation were role models for Congress. Courteous, thorough, thoughtful, AND willing to compromise.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill in a tweet about her service on a St. Louis jury.

The case involved someone falling at a Quick Trip, and the jury verdict was unanimous. Jurors found the store 75 percent responsible, the man who fell 25 percent. (link courtesy of

▪ “We have to show people we serve them, that we are not here to serve our own interests or the influence of outside influences.” — Missouri state Rep. Shamed Dogan, a Ballwin Republican, speaking about a bill to ban lobbyists gifts to lawmakers.

The measure passed 147-12, but some lawmakers said they were concerned that gifts would continue to flow, but only out-of-sight from public view.

▪ “This is the best tax policy in America for small business.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback defending his 2012 business tax cuts to members of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Critics continue to question the cuts, saying they have led to deficits and slow growth in the rate of job creation. But Brownback insisted the cuts represent the state’s best chance to create jobs.