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Anti-Donald Trump senator to speak to Kansas Republicans

Kansas Republicans have picked the leader of the anti-Donald Trump movement to be their guest speaker at the Feb. 20 Kansas Republican Party Convention banquet in Overland Park.

Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran on Wednesday announced that his colleague, Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, will be the banquet headliner.

“He's a strong conservative and is truly distinguishing himself as a future leader in our party,” Moran wrote.

Sasse is something else. He’s generating national headlines for his efforts to halt Trump’s rise in the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

The freshman senator made appearances in recent days with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. He’s not endorsed either, but Sasse is said to be unhappy that party elders have made a calculation that Trump is preferable to Cruz.

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Sasse has tweeted in recent days about Trump’s affairs with married women and asked if he has repented. The senator has also pointed out that Trump does not follow any oaths he takes and questioned whether the real estate mogul would adhere to the Constitution.

Trump doesn’t understand the American experiment, Sasse said.

“He’s running with this claim that he’ll be the strong man that can take care of everybody,” Sasse told The Washington Post.

The Kansas GOP convention will be at the Overland Park Marriott.