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TheChat: Mitch Holmes withdraws low-cut necklines ban

Here we go.

▪ “My failure to clearly specify that all conferees, regardless of gender, should strive to present themselves professionally is unacceptable.” — Kansas state Sen. Mitch Holmes, a St. John Republican, announcing that he was retracting a dress code aimed primarily at women testifying before his committee.

Holmes said he apologized and “meant no offense.” His proposal, which called for a ban on low-cut necklines and mini-skirts, had drawn national attention.

▪ “The great tragedy of Ferguson was that if we had a leader who showed up with any kind of command, presence and courage and calm and clarity, we could have had peace by the second night.” — Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens criticizing Gov. Jay Nixon’s stewardship of the Ferguson crisis.

Greitens, who’s in a tough four-way race for the nomination, said he would have showed up in Ferguson sooner, instituted a curfew and stuck around “until the sun comes up.” (link via

▪ “She had a moment of heated anger that day on Nov. 9. I doubt very much she would do anything like that again.” — interim MU Chancellor Hank Foley on embattled professor Melissa Click, now charged with assault for her role during a confrontation with a student videographer last year.

Foley said Click would keep her job at least for now because she’s going through the tenure process. Lawmakers have called for her to resign in the wake of her actions during student protests in November.

▪ “We’re seeing cost increases in the specialty drugs that we use.” — acting Missouri budget director Dan Haug on why state spending is up so much halfway through the fiscal year.

The increased spending has reached $496 million with a big chunk of that going to higher Medicaid spending and more specifically, pharmacy costs.