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TheChat: Sam Graves slams KC Aviation Department

Good morning.

▪ “It’s hard to believe that any alternative will get a fair shake from the Kansas City Aviation Department.” — Missouri Congressman Sam Graves on a new (and cheaper) proposal for renovating KCI.

A Republican, Graves has been a champion of the current airport and highly critical of plans to spend big money on a new terminal. He said the agenda of the Aviation Department is to build a billion-dollar terminal. “This,” Graves said of the alternative, “shows there are other options.”

▪ “Now is not the time to accept Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States without a proper vetting system.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, speaking after Senate Democrats halted consideration of a bill that the senator said would beef up refugee program security.

Blunt, who’s seeking re-election this year, said he was disappointed by the Democrats’ move and urged President Obama not to move forward with plans to accept 10,000 refugees until better screening operations are in place.

▪ “We are trying to have 21st Century roads and bridges funding on a 20th Century rate.” — Missouri state Sen. Doug Libla, a Poplar Bluff Republican, explaining why a 1.5-cent increase to a gallon of gas and a 3.5-cent increase to a gallon of diesel makes sense.

The tax increase zipped through a Senate committee Wednesday and appears headed for consideration by the full Senate. This is an important step forward for the proposal to better fund Missouri roads and highways.

▪ “This is further evidence that the Kansas Supreme Court has lost its way as once again the U.S. Supreme Court rejects its arguments and conclusions.” — Kansas Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday that rejected the state Supreme Court’s decision to bar death sentences for the Carr brothers in a high-profile murder case in Wichita.

Conservative Republicans who aren’t big fans of the Supreme Court due to its ongoing disputes with the Legislature had a field day with this decision.