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TheChat: Gov. Sam Brownback got some stuff wrong

Good morning.

▪ “Partially true.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s rating from The Topeka Capital-Journal for the accuracy of his State of the State message last week.

Turns out Brownback left out a few facts and overlooked a few things.

▪ “We need to have a partnership with the executive branch and work toward job creation and getting people back to work.” — Missouri Senate President Ron Richard, a Republican, talking about the need for cooperation with Gov. Jay Nixon in his final year in office.

Richard has been sounding this theme for several years, and it’s a good one. For this part, Nixon, a Democrat, pointed out that the state has 5,135 fewer employees now than when he took over in 2009. Balancing the budget, he said, means making tough choices.

▪ ▪ “Who decided that the word `thug’ should be attached to African-American young men?” — Leah Gunning Francis, author of Ferguson and Faith: Sparking Leadership and Awakening Community.

Francis spoke in the St. Louis area in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and said she deplored images of black men because they generate discrimination, encourage violence and prompt people who don’t know young men to assume the worst. (link courtesy of

▪ “Any time our commander in chief starts talking about guns, it increases gun sales.” — Jim Shoemate, owner of Shoemate’s Arms LLC, at a gun show in Columbia, Mo.

The other trigger to increased sales? Violent events, such as Sandy Hook or the San Bernadino shootings, Shoemate said. President Obama just signed an executive order that broadened the licensing requirements for those who sell guns.