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TheChat: Jay Nixon talks up Missouri in Detroit

Go Chiefs!

▪ “Over the past seven years, we’ve made Missouri an automotive powerhouse and a hub of next-generation auto jobs and investment.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon in Detroit touting his states auto-manufacturing rebound.

Nixon attended the annual North American International Auto Show. Missouri’s growing role in building cars will rank as a key cornerstone of Nixon’s legacy as governor.

▪ “Just laughable.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill commenting on the notion that St. Louis can’t support an NFL franchise.

The diatribe against Rams owner Stan Kroenke continues. McCaskill, who lives in St. Louis and is a sports fan, said she’s convinced that Kroenke decided to move the franchise to Los Angeles years ago. (link via

▪ “We are not addressing many of the shortfalls we are hearing exist.” — Kansas state Sen. Marci Francisco, a Lawrence Democrat, on the shape of the state budget.

Lawmakers have started questioning how state revenues are estimated amid frustrations that the forecasts have been overly optimistic for a couple of years now. Said Francisco, “We are really, I think, grasping at straws.”

▪ “Differences in tax policies, the evidence doesn’t really bear that out. It’s really about what amenities people are able to have in that area.” — Jason Brown, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, telling Kansas lawmakers why the state’s population isn’t growing as fast as other states.

Brown pointed to the slowing ag and oil industries and a smaller population base as two big reasons why economic growth in Kansas is so sleepy.