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Ferguson businesses to AG Holder: Wrap it up

Ferguson riots
Ferguson riots

First it was Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder asking Attorney General Eric Holder to wrap up his Ferguson investigation.

Now a group of small business owners in the community is asking Holder the same thing.

“We cannot truly and fully embrace the rebuilding process — both emotionally and physically — without the closure that will come from the completion of your investigation,” the business owners wrote in a letter dated Dec. 22 but released on Monday.

“The delay of your report leaves this community feeling confused, fearful, anxious, angry and conflicted.”

The Justice Department is exploring whether Ferguson police engaged in racial profiling and how the St. Louis County Police Department handled mass demonstrations that turned violent following the shooting.

Holder has said, in essence, that the investigation will be complete when it’s complete. Civil rights investigations typically are lengthy endeavors.

The business owners said many of their colleagues are at a breaking point and, they pointed out, many potential customers believe violence will return to the small city when the report is issued.

“It is the continued lack of a report that will keep us mired in the past,” the owners wrote.