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TheChat: Do higher speeds really save lives?

A Missouri highway crash
A Missouri highway crash

Good morning.

▪ “A lot of the data that I have seen actually shows that increase speeds cause a reduction in fatalities.” — Missouri state Rep. Mike Kelley, a Lamar Republican, on his bill that would increase the speed limit on some state highways from 70 to 75 miles per hour. (link courtesy of

Kelley’s information doesn’t appear to fit the experience in Kansas, where fatalities and injuries have jumped in the wake of a similar speed limit change.

▪ “I do not believe we can cut our way out of the mess we find ourselves in, but many of my colleagues intend to try.” — Kansas state Rep. Melissa Rooker, a Fairway Republican.

If lawmakers try to cut their way out of a $780 milllion budget hole, big cuts to public schools would be in the offing, Rooker says.

▪ “As much as I have loved doing the show, I cannot bring myself to rule out another presidential run. I say goodbye, but as we say in television, stay tuned. There’s more to come.” — Republican Mike Huckabee announcing that he was ending his show on Fox to consider another run for the White House.

The 2016 GOP field is starting to take shape in the wake of Jeb Bush’s holiday-season announcement that he was seriously considering the race. Huckabee is of local interest because he should be very competitive in Missouri and Kansas primary tests.

▪ “Not really.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a probable 2016 presidential candidate, on whether he likes jazz.

Uh-oh. Uh-ohhhhhhhhhh. Christie didn’t really lay that egg, did he? No interest in jazz? There goes his Kansas City vote. Yes, he’s a well-known Springsteen guy. Let the word go forth that here at The Buzz, we’re HUGE jazz buffs, so ertswhile candidates should take care when dissing America’s original art form.