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TheChat: Claire McCaskill takes aim at student loan debt

Good morning.

▪ “What’s really insulting about these high interest rates that students are having to pay is they’re paying them to the government. The government is profiteering off these young people.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill addressing college loan debt.

The Democrat is pushing legislation that would allow students to refinance their debt at lower interest rates. (link via

▪ “Tonight’s decision is disappointing, and a clear deviation from the NFL’s guidelines. It is troubling that the league would allow for the relocation of a team when a home market has worked in good faith and presented a strong and viable proposal. This sets a terrible precedent not only for St. Louis, but for all communities that have loyally supported their NFL franchises.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon reacting to the loss of the St. Louis Rams.

You can scoff about this being just another rich sports owner going for the bucks, and you’d be right. But this is a major economic loss for Missouri and a blow to the state’s self-esteem.

▪ “While we don’t have any clear data, we know that the events this past fall have had an impact, and we are answering any questions that parents and students have about those events.” — MU Director of Admissions Chuck May on a drop in the number of freshmen applying to attend the University of Missouri.

Some 18,377 freshmen have applied compared to 19,318 at this time last year. MU officials are saying there’s no question that all the controversy on campus over the treatment of black students has affected the number of applications.

▪ “Every member of the Kansas congressional delegation, the lieutenant governor, the attorney general and I each stand at the ready to thwart every action the president takes to transfer terrorists to Kansas.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback in State of the State address opposing President Barack Obama’s plans to close Gitmo and move detainees to the mainland, and possibly Kansas.

Kansas leadership is speaking out forcefully against the president’s plans, but they have little say on the matter. That they are all Republican and the president a Democrat could play a role.