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TheChat: Donald Trump says only he can build a wall


Good morning.

▪ “The fact is, they won't get it built, they don't know how to do the job and they won't get Mexico to pay for it.” — Donald Trump insisting that he’s the only one who knows how to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump is particularly taking aim at Ted Cruz who Trump accuses of stealing his wall idea. Cruz is having none of it, saying he’s fought for tougher immigration rules for years.

▪ “I believe he was, as I have said several times, the best county executive we have had.” — Fred Arbanas, the new temporary Jackson County executive, speaking about outgoing Executive Mike Sanders.

The county Legislature appears poised to hand the job over to Frank White within a few days. Arbanas, who served on the Legislature for 40 years, is a verrrry temporary county executive.

▪ “Today I filed legislation to remove the grand jury process when dealing with police-involved shootings. It is a necessity that we restore trust and faith in our judicial system.” — Missouri state Rep. Brandon Ellington, a Kansas City Democrat, on a bill he filed this week.

His proposal calls for an appellate court to determine if a police officer should be indicted for his or her involvement in a shooting. Right now, grand juries assume that responsibility. The problem with grand juries is that they too often are controlled by prosecutors, Ellington said. A court offers a fairer review.(link courtesy of

▪ “If you really want to move the needle on this issue, it takes leadership from our governor. That’s really where it’s going to have to start.” — Kansas state Rep. Mark Hutton, a Wichita Republican who was part of a group that met in Overland Park this week to discuss the need to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act in Kansas.

Brownback, though, doesn’t appear to be moving in that direction. But that’s only one problem, several experts said. One other one is a move by legislative leaders to block any movement on the issue in the House and Senate. Bottom line: Don’t expect any Medicaid expansion this year.