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True or false on 2015

True or false about this brand spankin’ new year on our hands: (questions courtesy of Nick Haines, host of “Kansas City Week in Review.”)

1) In 2015, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill will announce her candidacy for governor.

True! There are plenty of reasons to think she’ll bypass a career-capping campaign. They include a General Assembly so dominated by Republicans that they can override any gubernatorial veto and the Legislature’s new power to check gubernatorial budget decisions.

Another issue: Democrats already have a pretty decent candidate in the offing — Attorney General Chris Koster.

But McCaskill loves challenges, and becoming the first woman governor in state history is a nearly life-long dream. She goes for it.

2) In 2015 Sam Brownback throws his hat into the ring for the GOP nomination for president

False! That train has left the station, and he’s not on it. A four-point re-election win in a bright red state — along with a state embroiled in a deep-seated financial pickle —doesn’t provide a potential candidate with the boost needed for a national run.

3) In 2015 Sly James is surprisingly defeated in his re-election bid for mayor of Kansas City.

False! Are you kidding me? Can you spell C-A-K-E-W-A-L-K?

4) In 2015, Kemper Arena will be demolished.

False! The issue is locked in a City Hall-induced standstill.