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Rex Sinquefield keeps the tap open for Catherine Hanaway

The $10,000 donations keep rolling along from GOP mega donor Rex Sinquefield to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway.

A $10,000 check hit Hanaway’s campaign bank account on Dec. 2.

Then again on Dec. 9.

Six days later it happened again.

And again on Dec. 23.

That’s $900,000 for the Hanaway campaign to date, the Associated Press reported, with no end in sight.

The spate of $10,000 contributions is in addition to a $750,000 chunk from Sinquefield to Hanaway in October. That was on top of a $50,000 donation in March.

Needless to say, Sinquefield’s generosity makes up most of the more than $1.1 million Hanaway raised this year.

So far, she’s the only announced Republican candidate for Missouri governor in 2016, although state auditor Tom Schweich is widely expected to jump in next year.