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TheChat: President Obama watches the clock tick-ticking away


Welcome to the year’s final week.

▪ “I've got 12 months left to squeeze every ounce of change I can while I'm still in office.” — President Barack Obama in an Organizing for America appeal.

Obama was seeking commitments from supporters to watch his final State of the Union message in January. Hard to believe, but the president is about to approach his final year in office.

▪ “We already have among the lowest permit fees in the nation, and so with our also increasingly low fine collection, it’s more productive to come here and poach a deer.” — Missouri state Rep. Linda Black, a Park Hills Republican, on the need for Missouri to crack down on illegal hunting.

She’s proposing stiffer penalties. “Between $750 for white tail deer up to maybe $2,000 or $3,000 for black bear or elk,” she told Missourinet. (link courtesy of

▪ “Business owners within those gun-free zones really should have some responsibility if an individual patron is hurt in their business area.” — Missouri state Rep. Mike Moon, an Ash Grove Republican, on his proposal to require business owners in gun-free zones to carry enough liability insurance to cover a shooting injury or even death.

Moon plans to introduce a bill in the 2016 session on the issue. But backers of gun-free zones insist there’s no proof that criminals seek out the sites to commit crimes.

▪ We could tell you it was a `big,’ `huge,’ `amazing’ year.” — the Jason Kander campaign for the U.S. Senate in Missouri extolling their candidate’s progress in 2015.

Indeed, Kander ends the year in a different place from where he began it. He was long, long shot shortly after he got into the race in February. He ends it as the underdog, but viewed as having a fighting chance against veteran Republican Roy Blunt.