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TheChat (Christmas edition): Chris Christie turns to a secret weapon — guilt


Merry Christmas!

▪ “You have enormous responsibility.” — GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie to an audience in New Hampshire about their obligation come primary time in February.

Christie and Jeb Bush, who both need wins in New Hampshire to keep their campaigns alive, are relying on an old trick to woo voters away from Donald Trump — guilt. Said Christie of the Republican field: “There’s 14 of us today. You all will take us from 14 to four or five. And those four or five are the only ones Americans are going to have to choose from other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

▪ “It’s fairly common in the business world. I think it’s appropriate.” — Missouri state Rep. Jay Barnes, a Jefferson City Republican, on upcoming sexual harassment training in the state Capitol.

The training will be Jan. 11, just days after the 2016 session begins. All 163 House members are scheduled to participate following a 2015 session that saw two scandals involving male lawmakers and female interns.

▪ “”It’s difficult sometimes to purchase a firearm, just the cost. So, I want to make it a bit little easier for those who decide they want to carry and they want to protect themselves if the need arises.” — Missouri state Rep. Jered Taylor, a Nixa Republican, on his proposal for a once-a-year sales tax holiday for gun purchases.

Taylor said he expects that gun sales would increase as a result of the holiday and predicted the state would see a spike in revenue. Residents of other states would come to Missouri to buy guns, he said.

▪ “The facility failed to protect female patients.” — federal investigators on one of the fresh problems they found last week at Osawatomie State Hospital.

One issue: Staff placed a male sex offender near women and then failed to stop him from having sex with one woman patient who had suicidal tendencies.