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BuzzChatter Tuesday: Will Breyer ever cut this lawyer a break again?

Here comes Tuesday.

“A rather cold fish.” — Ian Gershengorn, the principal deputy solicitor general who represents the United States before the Supreme Court, writing about the qualifications of Justice Stephen Breyer 21 years ago.

Gershengorn was just a month out of law school when he wrote those words as Breyer was under consideration for a seat on the nation’s highest bench. He also said Breyer was unlikely to make “a great Supreme Court justice. Not surprisingly, Gershengorn backpedaled furiously from those remarks in recent days as the document became public as part of a Clinton administration records dump. “Everyone has regrets from his 20s,” Gershengorn said.

“You know that part in Zoolander when Will Farrell’s character screams, ‘I feel like I’m taking crazy pills’? That’s how I feel every day during the legislative session in Jefferson City.” — Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander at last weekend’s annual Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in St. Louis. (link courtesy of

Kander didn’t stop there. He said Republicans who control the Legislature rejected Medicaid expansion for “morally bankrupt” reasons, such as winning primaries.

“The fact that more than 57,000 veterans are still waiting for their first doctor appointment from the VA is a national disgrace.” — House Speaker John Boehner Monday on the news that the VA had tabulated a total number of vets who are waiting for an initial medical appointment.

That’s a lot of veterans.

“The bear is loose.” — President Barack Obama talking about his — gasp! — unscheduled walking trip Monday to a Starbucks near the White House.

The president quipped that he was like a circus bear off his chain. For the record, he ordered tea.