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Schodorf: Kobach not “tending to the store”

Jean Schodorf, a Democratic candidate for Kansas secretary of state, on Monday unloaded on GOP incumbent Kris Kobach, saying the office’s business division is “disorganized and destructive.”

“It is clear Secretary Kobach is not tending to the store,” she said in a statement.

The secretary of state’s office handles business formation documents, business name changes, business dissolutions, various annual business filings, and overseeing the Uniform Commercial Code.

Schodorf said in a statement that she hears frequent complaints about “the inability for Kansas business to have the support they need to thrive in today’s economy.

“Poor customer service, unresponsiveness and wait times that go on for days, inadequate communication systems that force our businesses to send sensitive and private business information over insecure fax lines, and more,” she said.

Kobach shot back that “the facts speak for themselves.” He said callers to his office speak to a real person and that 85 percent of phone calls are resolved within five minutes.

“That's excellent customer service,” he said in a statement.

“My office is one of the most-business friendly office in state government.

And now, for the first time, Kansans are able to use their existing tax

software to electronically file reports online, rather than re-entering


“And my office has accomplished all of this while keeping expenditures BELOW 2010 levels. No other office in state government can claim that.”

Schodorf unveiled a plan that focuses on improved customer service for businesses, establishing the office as a “centralized hub” for helping businesses, and creating measures to help ensure the security of Kansas businesses from consumer fraud and other attacks.